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Went during their 50% off sale. They "sold most of their discounted beds," except for a "great deal" of 50% off on a $3000 floor model. I was told that I could test the bed for 30 days - if I didn't like it I could exchange it. I told them about my back injuries/chronic pain. I was told this bed was perfect!

I couldn't sleep the first night and called the next morning to say I didn't want the bed but insisted I try it for a week. After a week my pain was worse - I begged for an exchange. I was told there were no exchanges on floor models without "special permission" and must make an even exchange of $1500+ and pay a $300 exchange fee!

The next week, the bed I selected had a higher price tag than the week before. I was so miserable, I agreed. They set up a "payment plan" with the store that wouldn't charge me interest for a year. It turned out to be a Citibank deferred interest plan, which means if you must pay it off completely in a year or you pay the entire year's interest (27.99%).

The new mattress off-gassed for a month making me nauseous, causing rapid heartbeats and burned my throat even though I told the salesman that I wanted to avoid off-gassing. Went to the doctor and sent documentation to the manufacturer.

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